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Baked Binge-watching: What to Watch While High On Netflix

For those staying indoors, Netflix is the perfect remedy to pass the hours, offering an incredibly wide selection of TV and movies to enjoy. In recent years, binge-watching has become a pastime for cannabis enthusiasts, as there’s not much better in life than relaxing on the couch with your favorite shows. To assist with selecting what to watch while high, we’ve paired a range of popular and intriguing shows with hand-picked strains from the High Season menu.

Entertaining Shows to Veg Out To + Strain Recs

The Circle

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Source: Oprah Magazine

The Circle is a UK-imported game show that carries with it a similar format to well-known reality competition programs like Survivor and Big Brother. However, The Circle features a twist: all of the contestants are in their own apartment, and can pretend to be whoever they want. The game is mediated by an app, akin to social media, and the constant trickery and subterfuge employed by the various members of the “Circle” make it must-see TV for the modern age.

Strain Pairing: Sunset Blvd is a powerful indica-dominant strain that is virtually guaranteed to lock any cannabis user to the couch for hours. Typically, just a few puffs of its smooth, fruity smoke are enough to instigate euphoria that reaches deep into the body for lasting tranquility and calm.


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Source: Hiptoro

Riverdale is a somewhat unique television drama, adapting the famous Archie Comics serial to a tense and gripping weekly adventure through the suburban lives of Archie and friends. The show takes its own distinct view on the characters and has developed its own signature style, resulting in a series with a devoted fan base and instant cult classic status.

Strain Pairing: Blue Gummies is a hybrid strain derived from the popular Blueberry, which has made its mark on cannabis culture over the course of decades. With Blue Gummies, the berry flavor of its lineage is preserved alongside its creative, clear-headed high capable of making any show a thrill-ride.

Peaky Blinders

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Source: The Sun

If you’re wondering what to watch while high, look no further than this landmark British crime show of the 21st century. Peaky Blinders features a fabulous ensemble cast of some of the best currently working actors in the UK, providing audiences with compelling content that currently spans the course of five different seasons.

Strain Pairing: The OG is a pure indica strain that packs with it a potent body high. Soon after an encounter with this distinguished High Season-exclusive strain, The OG begins to work its magic and deliver a warm, buzzing sensation that gently wraps an individual like a blanket.

The Good Place

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Source: What’s On Netflix

One of the most original comedies currently on television, The Good Place is a perfect answer to the question of what to watch while high. Each episode is filled to the brim with real laughs, and over the course of the show every character becomes fully developed, establishing genuine connections with the audience.

Strain Pairing: Pound Cake is another indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its delayed effects. However, once the full impact of Pound Cake is felt, the result becomes a scintillating high that is not soon forgotten. Pound Cake has a reputation for its delicious taste as well, making it an ideal strain for passing around with others.

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