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Binge-Viewing with Hulu: Best Things To Watch While High

With more streaming options available to consumers than ever before, the task of picking out things to watch while high can be daunting. Hulu, one of the more popular services connecting individuals to many well-known shows on television, has only expanded its selection over time to become a go-to destination for TV fans. For the next time you decide to check out Hulu, we’ve assembled a list of some binge-worthy series that are perfecting for watching alone or at a kickback.

Looking for things to watch when high? Try these Hulu shows


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The award-winning detective series based on the equally impressive Coen Brothers film, Fargo is an ominous journey through sleepy cities. As anyone who has seen the original movie will know, Fargo’s plot is a thrill-ride of human misbehavior set against the backdrop of Midwestern nicety, making for a unique television experience.

With 4 seasons to date, the show seems to be only getting better, and the most recent season is still airing. Fargo is held down by all-star acting that maintains its quality throughout seasonal shifts in the expansive cast, all of whom lend their individual talents to make the show the compelling, critically-acclaimed drama that it is.


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As one of the consistently highest-rated reality shows on television, Survivor stands out as a classic of the competition genre. Running for 40 seasons now, viewers have tuned in over the years with loyalty as the series’ singular format provides new and exciting twists each and every time.

When watched with cannabis, the show becomes even more of a viewing treat. Every jaw-dropping tribal council comes together to make Survivor easily a sterling example of the best things to watch while high, and you’ll find yourself quoting all of the memorable characters long after you finish your binge.

The Masked Singer

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Perhaps the silliest show that Hulu has available, The Masked Singer is certainly one of the most fun things to watch while high that is currently on TV. Every week the show airs, its invigorating madness seems to heighten, and the roster of celebrities making appearances under their famous “masks” includes many recognizable figures that are sure to surprise.


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Vikings has always had an intriguing premise, but across the span of 6 seasons, the show has definitively grown into its own. It is now often cited among other greats of modern prestige television. While some historical liberties may have been taken in the name of entertainment value, it is more than easy to appreciate the adventure Vikings offers.

Aside from its writing, the show is known for the incredible locations and sights employed to craft the world of medieval Scandinavia. Despite the Scandinavian setting, however, Vikings was actually shot mostly in Ireland, producing the moody greens and grays that characterize the show’s stunning landscapes.

Bob’s Burgers

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Join the Belcher fam on one of their escapades and forget about whatever’s bothering you. With Louise’s one-track mind and scheming, Gene’s body humor and hot synth music, Tina’s boy and horse crazy attitude, Linda’s musical endeavors, and Bob’s attempts to keep his business running, you’ll be able to laugh and enjoy yourself for 24 minutes.

Level up your streaming game—make sure to stock up at your nearest High Season before starting your next binge!