Cheers at holiday dinner table

Best Strains to Smoke at Family Gatherings Over the Holidays

Back in the day, when you came home for the holidays and you wanted to smoke out, you had to go “take a walk” or go hide out in the garage. That’s just one of the many reasons we’re thankful for the end of marijuana prohibition: Instead of having to sneak around, now you can enjoy all the best strains for the holidays out in the open. And if your family is cool with it, you can even share the good times with them!

Of course, everyone’s taste is different: Some people love the deep body high of a classic indica -dominant bud, others love the uplifting and energizing high of a sativa-leaning strain. Whatever your pleasure, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite strains for the holidays. As always, check our live menu first, ‘cause weed this good doesn’t stick around for long.

High Season DTLA’s Favorite Strains for the Holidays

100 Club: Gelato, 5g $33.73

The feel-good herb of 2019, Gelato is the brainchild of strain developers Sherbinski and Cookie Fam. It’s no doubt a heavy-hitting indica, but the cerebral effects are light enough to keep you on your toes and mentally agile. It’s the perfect combination for getting chill with your family while not becoming so dopey you start mumbling into the mashed potatoes.

High Season: Sunset Blvd, 1g $13.25

One of our favorite in-house strains, this made-in-LA bud is designed to bring the happy. Calming and euphoric, it will turn your hangs chill and laugh-inducing. With a sweet and inviting berry scent and flavor, it’s destined to become one of your favorite strains for the holidays (or any time of the year).

Source: Leafly

Source: Quest, 1/8th oz. $54.20

Another powerful smoke that won’t dull your senses, Quest is descended from classic “Glue” strains like Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister and Sour Dub. It tends towards the sativa side, so you’ll feel more energetic than dopey, with plenty of happy thrown in to the mix. Tastewise you’ll love the buttery lemon flavors topped off by a clean, pine-tree finish.

High Season: Mintz, 1/8th oz $35

Another in-house creation, Mintz is the perfect holiday strain, especially when paired with some hot cocoa. Mintz makes for a blissful high, which is great for happily chilling with family. It’s so smooth and minty, your siblings will want a hit too.

King Fuzzies

Sublime: Sativa King Fuzzies, 1.5g $24.09

These beautiful little numbers look like miniature baseball bats, and that should serve as a warning! They’re packed with top-of-the-line Super Silver Haze flower mixed with extract, then rolled in oil and kief. If you want to stay energized and on your game to keep the party rolling, this is the joint for you.

Marley bogota berry strains for the holidays

Marley: Bogota Berry, 1/8th oz. $48.18

With a focus on careful indoor cultivation, sustainable growing techniques and always respectful of the herb itself, Marley Natural brings the vision of legendary musician and marijuana fan to the world of fine cannabis brands. This indica-dominant hybrid isn’t designed to knock you out but instead to melt away stress and pain; it’s perfect to spark up gatherings with friends and family.

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