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No Pesticides. No Mold. No Metals.

Each of our pre-rolls come in at 0.71 grams.  They’re a great size for sharing or for lighting up on your own. Their ideal size also means that you can finish a pre-roll in a session—no need to save it for later. After all, a relit joint just isn’t the same as a yummy fresh one.


A hybrid offering a swirling factory of flavorful terpenes.

Cookies N' Creme

A balanced hybrid with frosty crystals and light, cakey buds for a happy buzz.


Indica dominant hybrid with a refreshing mint taste and a creamy finish.


An indica strain that engenders a relaxing, euphoric high.

Sunset Sherbet

An indica dominant hybrid that will bring you peace.

Pound Cake

A sweet, arousing indica dominant hybrid that is all about pleasure.

Blue Gummies

Indica dominant hybrid has a fruity, blueberry taste and a refreshing mint finish.


A powerful hybrid. Kerosene has a proud, pungent aroma of pure diesel.

BLUE Gummies
Trey smokes
High Season Tray