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High Season Pre-Roll Packs: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Fresh pre-rolls are like a slice of heaven: there’s nothing quite like lighting a new joint and taking that first hit. Now, with High Season’s pre-roll packs you can easily indulge in a quick session without the hassles of grinding your flower and packing or rolling it.

High Season Pre-Roll Packs

Each of our pre-roll packs includes seven joints (one for each day of the week) that come in at 0.71 grams—that’s 5 grams per pack for the math whizzes. They’re a great size for sharing or for lighting up on your own. Their ideal size also means that you can finish a pre-roll in a session—no need to save it for later. After all, a relit joint just isn’t the same as a yummy fresh one.

hybrid pre-roll pack

Everything you smoke should be quality—and pre-rolls even more so. All High Season pre-rolls are made with 100% All Natural Premium Indoor Flower—no trim in sight. Plus, our buds are inspected and hand-trimmed to ensure a smooth, flavorful smoking experience. Basically, we make the pre-rolls we want to smoke.

Ready to stock up? Our pre-rolls come in three varieties: indica, hybrid, and sativa. Right now, you can find our Indica and Hybrid packs in stores (just check out the menu at your nearest location, or stop by).

indica pre-roll pack

Indica packs feature Pound Cake and Mintz and come in at around 24% THC.

Hybrid packs feature Blue Gummies and Sunset Blvd. They come in at around 23% THC.

How to Store Your Pre-Rolls

Once you have your High Season pre-roll pack, make sure you store it properly so your joints stay fresh.

The Culprits

Heat, light, humidity, and oxygen can all shorten the shelf-life of your weed.

Remember, your pre-rolls are packed with all-natural plant matter. Heat, light, and oxygen can cause your flower to lose potency over time and make it less effective. Humidity can encourage the growth of mold or mildew—something you definitely want to avoid.

Proper Storage

Keep your rolls in a dark place such as a drawer, box, or cabinet. Now, within that dark place, you should separate your strains and pre-rolls into air-tight containers. This will help keep your rolls fresher, longer. Plus, it will help conceal some of the aroma. Glass containers like the ones High Season flower comes in are great, as are mason jars (as long as you keep them in a dark spot). Plastic baggies are still a go-to for many, but they aren’t really the best solution.

pre-roll packs 3

If you’re into containers, you may want to seek out a cylindrical aluminum container to perfectly harness your new pre-roll pack. The aluminum will minimize the scent wafting off your joints and keep them dry and dark.

It goes without saying, of course, that any of your goodies should be safely stored away from unsuspecting kids or in a lockbox of some sort.

Ready to grab your own pack (or two or three)? Stop by your nearest High Season dispensary. Check out our dispensary locations or place your order online now.