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Tranquil Trails: The Best Perris Hiking Destinations

The city of Perris, nestled in Riverside County, California, is well known for its scenic desert beauty and distinct outdoor activities. Surrounding the city are an abundance of natural settings to explore, including gorgeous Lake Perris and nearby Terri Peak. For any interested in deepening their experience with the Perris hiking scene, these are a few local spots that enthusiasts will enjoy.

4 Perris Hiking Trails for Some Outdoor Time

Lake Perris Area Trail

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Source: California Through My Lens

The Lake Perris Trail is perhaps the most popular trail near Perris, serving many residents on a daily basis by providing invigorating scenery and an abundance of activities for nature lovers to enjoy. In particular, birding is a common endeavor when traveling the Lake Perris Trail, owing to the area’s richness with wildlife.

This trail is approximately 4 miles long, making it a medium length hiking location that lends itself to well to weekend adventures and traversing with friends. Likewise, dogs are allowed on the trail, but need to be kept on a leash in the interests of an orderly hiking experience.

Terri Peak Trail

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Source: Tread & Soul

Terri Peak is another trail that has become familiar to most Perris residents. The Terri Peak Trail acts a sister trail to the Lake Perris hiking spot, allowing visitors to engage with the hills that gracefully slope just north of Lake Perris. From the top of Terri Peak, an extravagant view of Lake Perris and the surrounding area can be seen.

At a similar length to Lake Perris, Terri Peak can require a mid-sized journey to the top. However, once hikers have made their way to the zenith of Terri Peak, the destination becomes one of the best in the area for enjoying a packed lunch, meditating, or simply taking in the sights with good company.

Santa Ana River Trail

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Source: Wikipedia

Accessible through Riverside near Perris, hiking at the Santa Ana River Trail can be a worthwhile activity for those looking to branch out of Perris’s go-to hiking destinations. The Santa Ana River Trail spans a massive area stretching from Orange County to San Bernardino County.

While guests may wish to traverse the length of the trail at least once for a rollicking ride across Southern California, the Riverside portion often impresses those who experience it with the tranquility of its setting. Often, hikers may wish to visit the Santa Ana River Trail simply to clear their thoughts and take in the natural wonders around them.

Santa Gertrudis Creek Trail

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Source: Traillink

A definitively shorter trail, the Santa Gertrudis Creek Trail is located on the outskirts of the city of Perris. Standing at just about 3 miles in length, Santa Gertrudis allows residents of Perris and surrounding localities to explore Temecula, as the path cuts through to locations near most of the city’s major shopping and entertainment destinations.

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