Our Process

We care about good flower.

To make sure you only find the best products in our dispensary, we’ve created a process to consistently deliver top-shelf cannabis. 

Proprietary Genetics

Seeds make growing easy—but there’s little control over the quality of the plant as compared to breeding. Plus, breeding new strains can be hard, time-consuming, and uncertain. While most growers opt for the easy way out, planting seeds purchased from who knows where, at HIGH SEASON, we focus on cultivating enticing strains. We believe that taking the time to breed new strains is the key to success and keeping things new and innovative for our customers. 

High Cultivation Standards

Growing indoors allows us to control every aspect of our plants' environment. Unlike outdoor conditions, where temperature, humidity, rainfall, and sunshine vary, we can use specialized techniques to avoid mold, pesticides, bugs, and harsh elements.

In addition, we make sure to give our flower the best food! For us, triple purified water and custom feed per strain grow the best cannabis.

Careful Curing, Trimming & Packaging

How you cure cannabis matters. Proper curing can help enhance scents and flavors, making a strain shine. To ensure you’ll want to return to our buds again and again, we dry our plants in a specially created temperature regulated drying room.

Once cured to perfection, our flower is hand trimmed to maintain product quality. Every bud then goes through our quality assurance team to ensure that anything that hits our shelves is something we ourselves would enjoy.

After being checked against our rigid standards, our flower is carefully packaged and sealed. Our dedicated packagers hand select and weigh every bit of flower that goes into our finished product. All packaging is ASTM and CPSC child-resistant. 

From Our Growhouse to Your Home

Our seed-to-sale process is all about one thing—ensuring you have access to quality cannabis. By growing, curing, and selling our own flower, we can guarantee you’ll always find the freshest buds on our shelves.

You can find HIGH SEASON premium flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates at HIGH SEASON dispensaries and in other discerning California dispensaries.

Interested in carrying HIGH SEASON? Contact us at support@shophighseason.com

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