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Best Holiday Movies To Smoke To This Christmas

It’s that time of year again. As the holidays draw closer, you may be cringing at the thought of Christmas movies flooding your cable channels. But we promise they don’t all suck. Here are 5 stoner Christmas movies to watch high this holiday season.

Holiday Movies to Watch High

Die Hard

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This seemingly never-ending action movie franchise started off strong with a couple of Christmas classics in Die Hard and Die Hard 2. Although the ‘Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie?’ debate is seemingly also never-ending, the film’s screenwriter Steven de Souza is firmly of the opinion that this one is a Christmas classic.

Ride along with rogue cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) as he goes to war with a team of terrorists that turn an office Christmas party into a hostage crisis. Best of all, he comes bearing gifts. Whether it’s C4 or semi-automatic gunfire, John McClane has something for everyone on his list.

Friday After Next

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The third installment in the Friday franchise, this 2003 stoner comedy features comedian Mike Epps and rapper/actor Ice Cube. As the boys prepare to celebrate Christmas, they wake up to find that a neighborhood burglar dressed as Santa has stolen their presents—and their rent money.

Faced with the prospect of a holiday eviction, Craig and Day-Day start new jobs as strip mall security guards on Christmas Eve to earn back their rent money. But it isn’t long before they’re going toe-to-toe with criminals, neighbors, and burglar Santa himself. This one features lots of weed references and some sweet blaze sessions, so kick back and smoke one with Craig and Day-Day this holiday season.

A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

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The third installment of this classic stoner franchise is loaded with Christmas and stoner humor. You can pretty much find a cannabis reference in every scene, including some uniquely Harold and Kumar Christmas weed strains like Rudolph The Red-Eyed Reindeer, Kwanzaa Coconut, and Winter Wonder-weed.

Featuring a mix of live-action and animated action, as well as a 3D version that initially debuted in theatres, this movie has something for everyone.

Bad Santa

Bad Santa movies to watch high
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“Willie, its Marcus, pack your shit, it’s that time of year again.”

Ho ho ho—this mall Santa and his elf-sized assistant aren’t leaving the mall empty-handed this year. Featuring Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac, and John Ritter, Bad Santa is a Christmas classic filled with debauchery and crude humor. Ride along with Bad Santa as he rampages through Phoenix and teaches the kids a thing or two about the holiday spirit.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas
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If you prefer your holiday movies to be animated, look no further than Tim Burton’s classic Halloween/Christmas crossover, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The film is based on the adventures of Jack Skellington, the king of Pumpkintown who accidentally stumbles upon Christmastown. Soon, the plot to kidnap Santa Claus is underway.

Similarly to Die Hard, this movie has divided people over its place on Christmas movie lists. While many people prefer to enjoy this one at Halloween, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it at Christmas too.

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