Moscato Cannabis

High Season’s Moscato Hits Shelves — Try it Today

Ready for something new? High Season is always experimenting and breeding new cannabis strains so that you’ll never get bored with our buds. In fact, we breed 300 strains yearly to find the perfect strains. We’re excited to announce our newest offering: Moscato. Moscato is so good, it’s joining our pantheon of year-round strains. Stop by High Season dispensary to try it for yourself.

High Season Moscato

Moscato in glass jar

Moscato is an indica-leaning hybrid that features a tart yet sweet citrus taste. It’s perfect for an instant mood boost and helps promote total relaxation. Moscato engenders a balanced and mind-expanding high and features a quick activation time. It’s a happy, giggly strain that will help you leave all your worries behind.

Moscato effects:

  • Laughter
  • Elation
  • Relaxation

Moscato’s Lineage

Moscato is a cross between the indica Granddaddy Purple and the strong sativa Durban Poison. Combining the relaxing effects of Granddaddy Purple and the energizing effects of Durban Poison leads to a unique enjoyable experience.

Moscato’s parentage imparts a balanced and mind-expanding high that is enjoyable in many different settings. Whether you’re kicking back with friends and your favorite Netflix show or meditating, Moscato is a great addition to any activity.

moscata woman enjoying

Moscato Test Results

At High Season, we test all of our cannabis to not only make sure it’s safe for sale but to also determine its components. If you’re into cannabis, you should definitely be reading cannabis test results. It’s the best way to determine how a particular strain may affect you.

Moscato comes in at a cool 17.25% THC, with zero CBD. It’s also full of some of the most popular terpenes. (Terpenes help give your bud its characteristic aroma and taste and can have their own effects.) Moscato features β-Caryophyllene, linalool, δ-limonene, α-humulene, and β-myrcene.

  • Caryophyllene: anti-inflammatory
  • Linalol: relaxing, stress reducer
  • Limonene: energizing, stress-relieving
  • Humulene: anti-inflammatory
  • Myrcene: euphoric, analgesic

Because of its many benefits and the nature of its high, Moscato is a great all-around bud. It’s recommended for use in the morning, afternoon, and evening!

Moscato for Medical Cannabis Patients

This strain has a high percentage of THCA (19.5%), which is why it’s highly recommended for medical patients. It can help relieve inflammation, especially in individuals looking to manage their arthritis. Plus, it is neuroprotective and may assist patients with neurodegenerative diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Moscato can function as an emetic (anti-nausea), assist with appetite loss, combat insomnia, and ease muscle spasms and general pain.

As with any medical cannabis, make sure to note how much you’re taking and its effects on you. Cannabis affects us all differently. To make sure Moscato is working well for you, note any changes in your system. Start with a low dose and work your way up as necessary.

Try Moscato Today

Ready to try this zippy strain? Stop by High Season’s Perris or Adelanto dispensaries to grab some Moscato today. Feel free to save some time and order online. We’ll let you know when your order is ready for pickup.