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Hybrid Strains: What Are They, Where Did They Come From, and How Are They Unique?

Understanding the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis is one of the first milestones for any fledgling medical or recreational user. In this post, we’ll break down the nuances behind what actually makes a hybrid a hybrid. That way, the next time you face off with that friendly budtender, you can answer their question with confidence.

What are Hybrid Strains?

Before we discuss what hybrid strains are, we need to understand both sativas and indicas. Below, we’ll cover what the experts say about the effects, traits, and history of each of these unique subtypes of cannabis.

Sativa Strains: The Breakdown

Sativas plants grow tall, thin, and lanky. They spread their bud sites out across their stems, looking like some sort of “weed ivy.” Anecdotally, sativas appear to have a cerebral and energizing high. They may be able to inspire creativity, and they’re perfect for parties and daytime use.

Sativa plants are the most widely distributed cannabis genetics worldwide. They grow naturally in North America, South America, Europe, Southern Asia (think Thailand), and even Africa.

Background on Indica Strains

Indicas represent a relative newcomer to the cannabis gene pool. They only grow naturally in the mountainous highlands of central Asia. In the 1970s, enterprising hippies traveled to these remote regions and brought indicas back to share with Western growers.

Indicas have a reputation for a relaxing, mellow high. They may be able to help improve sleep and generally make great nightcaps.

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That’s Great About Indica and Sativas, but What Are Hybrid Strains?

Indoor Flower Hybrid

Put simply, hybrid strains demonstrate both indica and sativa properties. They don’t exist in nature. Instead, humans have tinkered with the cannabis genome through generations of breeding to create hybrid plants.

As a result, hybrids can have any trait that either a sativa or indica plant possesses. For breeders, that means they grow shorter than sativas, making them easier to grow indoors. For the end-user, that means hybrid plants provide a balance between the couch-locking sedation of indica strains and the cranial, invigorating high typical of sativas. 

The only way to really understand indicas and sativas is to try them for yourself. Luckily, you can find some high-grade hybrids at our Perris cannabis dispensary, including:

  • Wonka: indica-dominant with a warm, serene high and licorice flavor that’s great for relieving pain.
  • Kerosene: a balanced hybrid with a relaxing, low-key high, and pungent diesel flavor that may improve sleep.
  • Cookies n’ Cream: another indica-dominant hybrid that’s infused with relaxation and happiness, able to banish stress instantly.
  • Mintz: a blissful, carefree high combined with a refreshing, snappy flavor makes Mintz an ideal way to end a long day.