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Boating and Beauty: Great Date Night Ideas in Perris

While the city of Perris is somewhat hidden away within the urban landscape of California’s Riverside County, there are still plenty of fun activities around city limits. With beautiful Lake Perris nearby and options for dining and recreation, couples searching for date night ideas will have no trouble navigating what Perris has to offer. To make life easier, here are a few possibilities for your next night out with that special someone.

Date Night Ideas: Boating on the Lake

date night ideas Lake Perris
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Lake Perris offers boating in a number of forms, allowing residents to make full use of the lake for kayaking, paddle boating, sailing, and any other boating activities. While the lake closes for boaters at 6:30 PM, an evening spent cruising gently along the lake before heading to dinner may be one of the most romantic date night ideas available in the Perris area.

Before undertaking your boating journey, check the Lake Perris boating regulations to make sure you won’t encounter any issues with the rules during your outing. As Lake Perris is a relatively secluded lake in Southern California, your experience should be tranquil and mostly uninterrupted by others—although, in the summertime, the lake can experience high traffic during certain days of peak popularity.

Watching the Sunset

date night ideas sunset
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While the sunset can be enjoyed from many wonderful vantage points in Perris, including by the lake as previously mentioned, there are some particularly inviting choices for date night ideas. Near Lake Perris, for example, lies Terri Peak, a hiking trail which you can climb for some magnificent views of the surrounding area.

Though the Terri Peak Trail may be somewhat long-winded, the payoff is well worth it, and date night can be as simple as packing a delicious picnic and admiring the sunset as an array of dazzling colors dance over the hills and lakebed below. Perris is considered a somewhat quiet city, but the breadth of natural wonder to experience can be more than memorable.

Exploring Museums

The city of Perris does not offer as many collections of modern art or sculpture as cultural hubs of Southern California like Los Angeles or San Diego, but residents do have access to great date night ideas in the form of museums like the Southern California Railway Museum and the Perris Valley Historical Museum. Both establishments are home to rich displays of the local history of Perris and the industries that have shaped its continued existence in Riverside County.

Perhaps the highlight of Perris’s museum scene is the Perris Valley Historical Museum, where historically-minded couples can learn all about the early days of the city of Perris and the way of life in the region before and after the town’s founding. Visitors will even get a glimpse into the culture of the Native American tribes that inhabited the land surrounding Perris before the first settlers arrived, with examples of art and artifacts from the native Luiseño of the area. The entire collection is housed within the Santa Fe Depot, a century-old building that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

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