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Have a Euphoric Danksgiving With These Recipes

Thanksgiving feasts and the munchies sound like a match made in heaven. If you want to experience the euphoria yourself, check out these Danksgiving recipes that will have your mouth watering. Just make sure to rock your comfiest sweats before diving into these delectable treats. Cook up one or cook them all up!

Danksgiving Recipes: The Entree

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If you want to transform the star of the show, you may want to tackle a buzzy bird. For a flavorful bird, you’ll want to rub your turkey with either oil or butter. Check out what your favorite turkey recipe calls for and then swap out the oil or butter for canna-oil or cannabutter.

Don’t have a favorite Thanksgiving turkey recipe? Here are a few for you to choose from:

Danksgiving Recipes: High Time for Sides

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If your not a turkey person (hey, a lot of people aren’t), then maybe infusing your sides is the way to go.

Mashed Potatoes

To make infused mashed potatoes, simply swap out butter for cannabutter. It’s simple! You’ll want to choose a recipe with some strong umami flavors to cover any grassiness from the herb. Truffle mashed potatoes or roasted garlic mashed potatoes infused with cannabutter would be divine!

Cranberry Relish

If you’re a fan of the tart sweetness of a good cranberry sauce, then think about trying some infused cranberry relish! Add some tincture to the mix near the end of the cooking time to take this side up a notch!

Stuffing or Dressing

Whether you like your hunks of bread in the bird (stuffing) or out of it (dressing), infused makes both better! To make a good stuffing or dressing, you need to add butter to your mix. Simply swap out regular butter for your infused cannabutter to level up your stuffing or dressing. Easy! You can grab a mix at the store, or make your own from bread on hand.

Danksgiving Recipes: Don’t Forget Dessert

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Danksgiving isn’t the same without pies and sweets to help cap off a great meal.

The ever-present pumpkin pie is due for a makeover, right? How about a Pot Pumpkin Pie that will leave you craving even more of your amazing Danksgiving feast? Again, this recipe calls for cannabutter.

Prefer Pecan Pie? These mini Infused Pecan Pies will be great with some coffee or tea after a fulfilling (and mind-enhancing) meal.

A word of caution: if you’re planning on infusing several dishes, go light on the cannabutter and canna-oil! A half regular butter or oil and half infused butter or oil ratio may be best. You may also want to have some snackable non-infused dishes so that you can eat without getting higher. Also, keep some CBD on hand in case you or a guest gets too high!

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