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Edible Eats: Easy Recipes for Learning to Cook with Cannabis

In the era of recreational legalization, how to cook with cannabis has become even more of an honored pastime across the country. While making edibles may seem intuitive, however, it can take a while for would-be chefs to learn all of the tips and tricks associated with infusing any manner of eats. To assist with acquiring experience in the realm of concocting edibles, we’ve assembled a list of some easy recipes that any newcomer can attempt.

Cannabis Coconut Oil  

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When crafting cannabis edibles, one of the most fundamental agents of infusion is THC-rich butter or oil. Many recipes utilize cannabutter or infused oil in order to lend creations their powerful effects, so having a hearty supply on-hand is almost essential when it comes to making edibles. To this end, cannabis coconut oil can be a straightforward avenue of instilling any recipe with potency.

In approaching any edible creation, an important step is decarboxylation. Before you set about producing your cannabis coconut oil, use an oven to bake your ground flower for around 30 minutes according to the specifications provided in the recipe. Cannabis that has been “decarboxylated” first is known to be much more potent, allowing your edibles to reach their full potential.

Baked Brownies

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It’s hard to imagine edibles without first thinking of the famed “pot brownie”, which has become a staple of the world of cannabis consumption. Any aspiring edible chef can safely assess their prowess in cooking with cannabis-based on their ability to craft the timeless infused brownie, and honing this recipe will reap great rewards at any get-together of like-minded edible enthusiasts. 

While cannabis brownies themselves may be exceedingly uncomplicated to bring into being, this edible recipe can be remixed in an endless variety of ways. Between infused blondies and additives ranging from macadamia nuts to marshmallows, becoming well-acquainted with “magic brownies” is the perfect means of learning how to create edibles. 

Infused Tea



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Most cannabis consumers consider edibles to be baked goods or candies, but the possibilities for infusion are wide-ranging. For example, infused tea may be one of the best edible solutions for inexperienced cannabis consumers looking for a light and breezy way to get their dose of THC. 

The process for making infused tea is extraordinarily easy, involving the use of cannabis oil or tinctures. Tinctures can be bought at many dispensaries, but can also be produced at home, an endeavor which is similar to that of concocting cannabis coconut oil.

Pot Chicken Parm

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With brownies under your belt, the best way to test your edible mettle is by tackling a slightly more complicated- yet still simple- recipe. Chicken parmesan offers a delicious challenge for those interested in cooking with cannabis, with a decidedly basic method of infusion that easily results in an impressive, satisfying meal for edible lovers.

Before you get cooking, make sure you have the high-quality ingredients you need. Find your nearest High Season to start shopping!