Cannabis Smoothie

Drink Your Greens: How to Make Delicious Cannabis Smoothies

With all the new ways to consume weed—like vaping, dabbing, edibles, topicals and more—it’s enough to make you wonder if anyone even smokes the stuff anymore. We doubt the joy of sparking up a fattie isn’t going away anytime soon, but we want to tell you about a whole new way to get all the benefits of fresh grass: Cannabis smoothies.

Even if drinking your weed sounds like a crazy Millennial’s health-food dream gone wrong, we humans have actually been doing it for thousands of years. As far back as 1000 BCE in ancient India, those in the know drank bhang, a cooling concoction made of pulverized cannabis in sweetened milk, flavored with spices like saffron, cardamom, fennel, and black pepper. (Trust us, real bhang is the bomb.)

Nowadays, whether it’s bhang or a more modern preparation, you can make your own cannabis smoothies at home, either using a premade tincture (we stock several) or your own canna-oil. It’s going to be a different experience than smoking out; because the cannabis is metabolized through your liver, not your lungs, the high takes longer to come on, but once it does, it tends to be more intense and long-lasting than from smoking. Here’s how you do it.

Cannabis Smoothies: Using Premade Tinctures

The simplest way to make a cannabis-infused smoothie is simply to add a few drops of tincture to your own homemade smoothie. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple fruit-based potion or a more involved healthy veggie blast (like one of these killer recipes). Whichever one you decide to make, remember that tinctures take a while to take effect: Often up to 90 minutes. So pace yourself, and don’t “accidentally” drink a whole blender an hour before work.

Cannabis Smoothies: Making Your Own Canna-Oil

If you love getting busy in the kitchen, you should definitely try making your own cannabis infusion. If you’re a vaper, you can even use AVB—“Already Vaped Bud”—to make it. The end result won’t be quite as strong as if you used fresh flower, but it’ll go quicker (and it’s a great way to reuse and recycle!).

First, you’ll need to decarboxylate your buds. Sounds technical, but all it means is exposing it to a gentle heat to transform the non-psychoactive cannabinoid THC-A into usable THC.

  • Start by preheating your oven to 220°F – 235°F degrees. If you have an oven thermometer, use it. Most ovens’ internal thermostats are totally inaccurate.
  • Put the cannabis—we recommend using at least enough to half-fill an 8-ounce Mason jar—in an ovenproof container, like a baking pan. Once the oven’s hot, roast your buds for an hour (yes, it will smell amazing!).
  • Once an hour has passed, grind the buds to as fine a consistency as you can manage, using a purpose-made grinder, a spice grinder, or even the flat edge of a knife.
  • Place the cannabis in the jar and cover it with the high-proof alcohol of your choice to an inch or so above the level of the flower. Vodka will work, though we like the potency of Everclear.
  • Now comes the hard part: Waiting. Cap the jar tightly and leave it in a dark pantry or a closet for 4 – 6 weeks, remembering to shake it well at least once a day. After the time has passed, strain the tincture through a very fine filter or cheesecloth, and check its potency with a few drops.

Remember, go slow: Homemade cannabis smoothies are awesome and delicious, but they pack a punch. Start planning yours now—check out what we have available on our online menu.