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Your Guide to Keeping a Cannabis Journal

It’s an exciting time in the world of cannabis. Our access to quality, legal cannabis is expanding every day, and so is the variety of products we have to choose form. With so many options, it can be hard to keep track of what you love and what you don’t. Along with expanding menus, dispensaries don’t always have the same products available from week to week, and it’s easy to forget the name of the new strain you tried on your last visit.

One of the best ways to keep it all straight is to start in a cannabis journal. Keeping a personalized log of your cannabis use is a great way to help you discover new products, track your experiences, and learn your personal preferences. If you’re curious about how journaling can help you navigate your cannabis voyage, this article is for you.

Benefits of Keeping a Cannabis Journal

Ok, so maybe you don’t have a problem remembering the name of the new strain you tried last week and how much you loved it. But what about the complete picture? In addition to the obvious aspects like strain, dosage, and delivery methods, journaling can help you remember other important factors that can affect your experience. Things like how much sleep you got the night before, what you ate, and your level of activity can all influence the way cannabis makes you feel. Keeping notes on these aspects of your day can help you dial in your preferred strains and doses.

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By keeping a canna-journal, you are creating your own personal cannabis database. There is so much variation in growing practices, plant genetics, and concentrations, and a lack of unified regulation makes it hard to compare cannabis products. A strain can be vastly different from grower to grower, so keeping track of factors like where your products are grown and how they are cultivated can be crucial for replicating a positive experience.

What to Write in Your Cannabis Journal?

Now it’s time for the fun part – journaling!  It’s up to you how to do it. You can rate your experience on a scale from 1 to 10, jot down notes as you feel effects start to kick in or write first thing in the morning about how you slept. Make it your personalized tool that helps you stay in line with your goals.

If you’re using cannabis to manage symptoms, make sure to keep track of what’s effective and how it makes you feel. You should also try to write in your journal every day at the same time. Consistency will allow you notice patterns and help you to better gauge what is working for you on your cannabis journey.

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If you’re not sure where to start, here are some suggestions for what to track:


Start by noting the way you feel before using cannabis. Did you sleep well the night before? Did you skip lunch? Have a hard day at work? A fight with your partner? You’d be surprised how much ordinary things can change your cannabis experience.


Track everything about the product: the strain, brand, consumption method, dose. Be sure to note the time of day and how quickly you started to feel the effects. You’ll also want to include anything else you ingested at the time. Did you have three cups of coffee right before smoking? Take a pain pill? Scarf down a big meal right after enjoying an edible? Write it down.


After giving yourself some time for the cannabis to kick in, take notice of the effects. Think about the intensity and duration. Note any side effects. If you are using cannabis to manage symptoms, think about how effective it was and how it could have been better. Did it help with your insomnia, or did you get too drowsy during the day? How well did it provide pain relief? Keep track of what worked and what didn’t.

Final Thoughts

Still need a reason to start a canna-journal? An added benefit is that it’s good for your brain! That’s right; writing can boost your comprehension and memory. And who couldn’t use some added mental strength? With so many product choices at your fingertips, journaling can be a game-changing tool to help you navigate the wide world of cannabis.

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If you’d like some help finding quality cannabis products that are right for you, we’d love to help. Visit one of our dispensary locations, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer your questions and offer recommendations that target your goals.