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Cannabis for Weight Loss: Stay Trim with the Munchies?

Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it all before. Weed makes you lazy, it glues you to the couch, it makes you binge-watch every episode of Nailed It, and—most of all—it makes you fat by giving you the munchies.

Well, it turns out watching incompetent bakers trying to turn out edible showpieces is pretty hilarious, but the rest of it is a bunch of baloney. All those flavorful terpenes are doing a lot more than just helping us create incredible new strains of cannabis; increasingly, researchers are talking about using cannabis for weight loss. Here’s how it works.

Cannabis for Weight Loss: How It Works

It makes sense to assume the munchies make you gain weight, right? When nothing in the entire world could possibly taste as good as this piping-hot plate of enchiladas, it’s logical to think that the munchies’ mind-blowing flavor upgrade would make us eat more. Like, a LOT more.

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But research actually points to the opposite effect. Over the last 15 years or so, several studies show that those who partake in cannabis tend to have lower cholesterol, trimmer waistlines, and a healthier Body Mass Index.

There are a few reasons for this effect, but many researchers think terpenes may be to thank. In case you forgot, they’re the fragrant “essential oils” in cannabis (and other plants) that give different strains their distinctive aromas and flavors. That blast of citrus in Moscato? You have limonene to thank. The earthy backbeat in Pound Cake? That’s myrcene, a profoundly relaxing and powerful anti-inflammatory.

Cannabis for Weight Loss: Strains with Limonene

As it turns out, some of those terpenes help us suppress our appetites and stay fitter. One of the main ones is limonene, the bright and sparkly citrus-flavored terpene we mentioned before. Found primarily in citrus rinds and cannabis (two great tastes that go great together), limonene stars in a few of our favorite strains of cannabis:

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Source: Leafly
  • Moscato: This powerful indica-dominant hybrid has an intriguingly tart, citrus taste and aroma. It’s great for a quick mood boost, deep muscle relaxation, and best of all gusts of happy laughter.
  • Wedding Cake: Get ready for a lemony blast of dankness with this relaxing and happy-making high-THC strain. You’ll also taste sweet earth and pepper thrown in.

Cannabis for Weight Loss: Strains with Humulene

Another terpene implicated in appetite suppression is humulene. Strangely, because it’s abundant in the hop plant, it’s also one of the distinctive aromatics in beer (definitely not a weight-loss powerhouse). But when found in cannabis, its earthy bite signals powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and appetite-suppressing powers. Here are a few of our favorite strains containing humulene:

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  • Sunset Sherbet: This popular strains got both bases covered: An energizing sativa high combined with full-body indica-style relaxation. One of our favorite smokes in social situations!
  • Mintz: With a refreshing minty flavor and a creamy finish, this high-THC powerhouse brings bliss, a big dose of happiness and euphoria, and if you have enough it may send you off to peaceful slumber. Back off a bit and you’ll have a blast chilling with a movie or just your couch.

There’s no guarantee using cannabis will help you reach your goal weight—but being mindful of what you toke and keeping fewer snacks on hand when you do can help you reduce the chances of overindulging in some fried goodness.

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