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Munchies Madness: Best Snacks To Try With High Season Strains

Everyone knows the munchies are real. (Oh yeah, and they’re awesome.) So especially when you’re anteing up for top-shelf weed—like High Season’s custom in-house strains—there’s no reason not to have the best snacks on hand.

We’re not talking about Doritos and Oreos (but hey, we’re down with those too). No, we mean the best snacks, the ones that will take your high to the next level. The ones paired with our signature strains for their flavors, their aromas, and most of all their deliciousness. Next time you smoke up with us, try these.

Best Snacks for High Season Induced Munchies

High Season Strain: Pound Cake

This indica-dominant hybrid has an earthy, vanilla taste. It’s awesome for an intense body high that helps put you in the mood for life’s more sensual pleasures.

Best Snack to Pair With Pound Cake: Pound Cake

Best Snacks 1

It sounds obvious, but you’d be wasting a great opportunity if you didn’t pair Pound Cake (the strain’s) sweet vanilla overtones with the rich and buttery hit of a classic pound cake. Just maybe enjoy it after the workout, know what we mean?

High Season Strain: The OG

This heavy indica delivers a piney, gassy taste followed by an intense body and head high. We love it for decompressing, or dropping into deep and restful sleep.

Best Snacks to Pair With The OG: Nuts

Best Snacks 2

We’re kind of nuts for Sahale Snacks “Glazed Mixes,” which feature crunchy nuts and fruits in some fairly wacky (but irresistible) combinations. Tangerine Vanilla Cashew-Macadamia? Sounds like someone was smoking The OG when they came up with that glazed mix. Come to think of it, you’re gonna be feeling pretty glazed yourself after you hit The OG….

High Season Strain: Moscato

This powerful indica-dominant hybrid has an intriguingly tart, citrus taste and aroma. It’s great for a quick mood boost, deep muscle relaxation, and sparking gusts of happy laughter.

Best Snacks to Pair With Moscato: Fresh Fruit

Best Snacks 3

Yeah, if you thought all our snack suggestions were going to be buttery sugar-bombs, think again (actually those sound pretty good right now). But Moscato’s tart citrus flavor profile is the perfect thing to pair with an impossibly juicy, ripe mango or a supersweet tangerine. If you haven’t tried fresh fruit while high, you just might never go back to potato chips again. Until, of course, you try Sunset Blvd first.

High Season Strain: Sunset Blvd

One of our favorite in-house strains, this made-in-LA bud is designed to bring the happy. Calming and euphoric, it will turn your hangs chill and laugh-inducing. With a sweet and inviting berry scent and flavor, it’s destined to become one of your favorite strains.

Best Snack to Pair With Sunset Blvd: Nutella

Best Snacks 4

No list of “best snacks to try while high” would ever be complete without this classic Italian cocoa-and-hazelnut dessert topping / finger food / homewrecker. Perhaps the single greatest treat for the chronically delighted, Nutella is as euphoric and laugh-inducing as Sunset Blvd is. Wash it down with a cool glass of milk and you’re pretty much in heaven.

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