Cannabis flower with autumn leaves in background

Fall Strains for Those Chillier Days

As the hot days of summer shift into the cooler days of fall, why not change out the bud in your bowl to match the color of the leaves? While pumpkin spice latte flower isn’t a thing (yet), there are some awesome buds you can smoke to ease you into sweater weather.

Whether you prefer fruity, earthy, or cool flavors, here are some of the best fall cannabis strains to keep you warm.

Best Fall Cannabis Strains for Cooler Weather

High Season’s Newest Strain, Mintz


For those who look forward to the cool and crisp flavors that come with colder temps, Mintz is the strain for you.

With a THC content over 25 percent, this strain is strong and, you guessed it, minty. Those who love a cool kick will enjoy the refreshing taste and smell of this bud.

Mintz will help you find your bliss after a long day. Pair with a peppermint hot chocolate to enhance the flavor profile. Feel free to cuddle up under a blanket, too.

100 Club Apple

best fall cannabis strains 2
Source: Weedmaps

While the sunny citrus flavors reign supreme during the summer, there are still plenty of other fun fruit-flavored strains for you to try.

A hybrid strain that evokes the fall colors right on the flower, 100 Club Apple is good for those looking for something a little bit calmer to transition into cooler temperatures. With nearly 20 percent THC content, 100 Club Apple packs a punch while not completely overpowering your day. Why not combine it with some apple cider or apple cider donuts? Or, if you want to go old-school, you can always try to smoke this through an apple pipe.

Cookies and Cream

best fall cannabis strains 4
Source: Leafly

Cookies and Cream can be enjoyed year-round, but somehow, the cooler weather makes this strain even better.

A hybrid strain with a well-known ancestor in Girl Scout Cookies, this bud offers a relaxing high. With sweet flavors and a strong buzz, too much of this strain will put you to bed early, but just enough will put you in the best buzz for the rest of your night.

For those looking for the best fall cannabis strains, this one is a can’t miss strain. Pair it with some warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies and your munchies will be satisfied.

High Season Moscato

Get a little bubbly with Moscato. Fight the onset of SAD with this mood-boosting hybrid. Its sweet, fruity taste has a touch of tartness that’s perfect for the season. Plus, because of its uplifting qualities, it’s great for sharing with friends. Whether you’re indulging in spooky movies, giggling along with your favorite comedy, or just relaxing, it’s a smooth, happy high. Have some apple cider, pumpkin pie, or candied pecans to up the fall factor.

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