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Winter Wonders: Holiday Movies and the Best Edibles to Go With Them

With winter at the doorstep, it’s time to start breaking into those holiday movies. While watching movies may be a time-honored tradition on its own, however, watching them with cannabis edibles makes the experience even more memorable, as cannabis has the potential to unlock new and hilarious perspectives on timeless classics. We’ve gathered fan-favorite holiday films and paired them with a few of the very best edibles on the market in the name of making your season as sweet as possible.

Best Edibles for The Night Before

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Source: IMDB

The Night Before is a rollicking comedy featuring the dynamic trio of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie, and Seth Rogen, telling the tale of three best friends on a quest to find New York’s most awesome Christmas party. Antics ensue along the way (of course), leading to a night filled with hilarity that only this unique cast of the movie can bring.

Pair with: Chill’s “Cappuccino Crunch” Milk Chocolate Bar is a simple way to dose before enjoying a laugh-out-loud movie. Just one square is enough for most casual cannabis consumers to begin feeling the deeply relaxing effects of this crunchy Chill chocolate, allowing for the mind’s full attention to be focused on the film at hand.

It’s A Wonderful Life

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A tradition for many during the holidays, It’s A Wonderful Life may have been filmed in the 50s, but its brilliant writing and heartwarming message easily stand the test of time. The film is an endearing selection that will add laughter and a tug on the heartstrings to any holiday movie marathon.

Pair with: When experienced with Big Pete’s Treats Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, watching becomes a little more wonderful, as having cannabis edibles at hand makes the magic of the movie robust. Each cookie contains around 10mg THC, making these a potent choice for both new and adept cannabis enthusiasts alike.


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Source: TV Guide

Most people may not think of Gremlins as a holiday movie, but the Christmastime setting of this staple of the horror genre definitively places it into the lineup of wintery classics. In fact, the centerpiece of the movie is a Christmas gift: the boy at the heart of the movie receives the famous “mogwai” Gizmo as a present from his father.

Pair with: From cannabis product manufacturer Papa & Barkley, 1:3 Releaf capsules stand among the best edibles available at dispensaries. While they aren’t the typical edible, the pure form of THC and CBD they contain are virtually guaranteed to result in a clean and powerful high.

A Christmas Prince

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The movie that set Netflix fans ablaze with buzz, A Christmas Prince has earned its status as an annual viewing experience during the holidays. Not everyone will find A Christmas Prince to be quite their cup of tea, but for those who can appreciate a cheesy romantic comedy, it may be worth checking out at least once.

Pair with: Kanha Blue Raspberry Gummies are some of the best edibles to enhance one’s mood before diving back into Netflix. After around an hour, the effects of each gummy begin to settle in, bringing with them a carefree cannabis high that lasts for a substantial period of time.

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