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Looking for the Best Buds? Try Indoor Flower

While the idea of fields of cannabis growing under the sun, swaying in the breeze sounds idyllic, the reality is pretty different. Yes, outdoors grows rely on electricity less and they can lead to larger and quicker yields, but when it comes to quality, indoor flower is where it’s at. Most of the time, you can actually see, smell, and taste the difference, which can ultimately lead to a better session.

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The Best Bud Is Usually Grown Indoors

Why? Because controlled indoor environments give growers a greater chance of successfully growing high-quality cannabis that’s free of contaminants like mold or pests. And nobody wants mold, metal, or pesticides in their bud.

Indoor grow rooms give growers control over the entire process, including room temperature, feeding schedules, and air circulation. That means fewer mistakes. Plus, it gives growers the chance to maximize their plants’ potency and flavor profiles (which is pretty clear from our tasty strains).

Indoor bud is often also thought to be cleaner and purer. While outdoor plants can require pesticides to protect them from pests, mold, spores, or bugs, indoor plants just don’t it.

It’s not all about control, though. Some strains just grow better indoors than outside, especially when you start breeding complex strains.

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Better Looking & Tasting Buds

Ok, we gotta say it: sometimes indoor buds just looks better (and by better, we mean great). When grown outdoors, buds typically have a darker, more stale look to them, sometimes being described as looking ‘sadder’ than indoor buds. It’s harder to bring out intense hues of purple, orange, and light green in outdoor conditions, leaving them looking and tasting plainer and simpler. Outdoor buds also tend to have a more leafy, airy, loose look to them as opposed to indoor-grown buds that have the nice, tight, frosty buds that tend to emerge from indoor grows. That nice frosty look, aka trichomes, make cannabis strains more potent, unique, and effective.

Sometimes you can even smell the difference between indoor and outdoor buds before tasting it. Well-grown indoor buds will emit gassy, sweet, earthy tones. Outdoor-grown buds usually just smell like grass or even hay. These differences can also translate into taste. Usually, ‘sun-grown’ outdoor weed can taste substantially more grassy and earthy. Thus, fruity strains that are grown outdoors (like Blueberry or Mimosa) can be expected to be significantly less flavourful than their indoor counterparts.

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Not All Outdoor Buds Are Bad Buds

Despite the clear advantages of indoor-grown cannabis, it doesn’t mean that outdoor-grown buds are necessarily bad. Outdoor grown flower can be great for those who enjoy a lighter high or for converting to vape oil. However, most outdoor cannabis is not grown at this level and is oftentimes grown for quantity instead of quality, which can be great depending on your needs. Make sure to visually inspect bud and read labels so you know what you’re getting.

At High Season, we carry a variety of carefully curated products, but all of our High Season branded products are indoor-grown. Stop by or order online to see which you think is the best bud.